Thursday, June 01, 2006

Spiritual Warfare

Ephesians 6:12 "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places."

Today a good friend of mine told me something that troubled me. Her friend had committed suicide. Apparently he was going through some rough valley's in his life. My friend was in shock over the sudden turn of events. She had thought he was pretty solidly grounded in Christ.

I have some news. There is a major spiritual warfare that is going on. It has been raging since the beginning of time, and it is reaching its peak. If you cant see it then Satan has placed blinders on your spiritual sight.

The above verse tells us all about it. "The rulers of the darkness of this world...Spiritual wickedness." We are living in dangerous times, and if we don't stay true to Christ we can easily be swept away by the tide.

We must all become aware of this if not for ourselves then for the sake of our loved ones. We are talking about more then lives, we are talking about souls. Satan is at his greatest when we are at our weakest. That's when he likes to strike. Why? Not because he is weak. Oh, no. Satan is very powerful, more powerful then any of us without the help of the Father. He does it this way because he is a coward.

Please don't fall to the depression ploys of his cohorts. It will not end the suffering; the suffering will have just begun. And remember one thing. The one way to know when Satan has you is when he stops pestering you, because he will only chase what he doesn't already have.


Blogger Daniel I Weaver said...

Preach it, brother! Peretti did the Christian community such a favor when he wrote the Darkness books and opened everyone's eyes (in vivid imagery) to the spiritual battles being fought every day. Remember that Christ is the ultimate victor and through Him, there is no force on earth that can stand against us!

2:45 PM  
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